Conveyancing & Property Law

Buying or selling a property can be an unnecessarily stressful experience.

Let's face it, things can sometimes appear to be a lot more complicated than they really are when you don't know what you're doing. With A.I.Legal's expertise all activity pertaining to your matter from start to completion is made transparent and explained clearly, it's integral in our commitment to simplify the process for our clients while at the same time maintaining a "water-tight" level of service.

Our job as a legal practice is to clarify the process and rectify potential risks before it's too late.

Not only do we mitigate potential risk but we are also highly skilled in improving contract terms for our clients through clear and thorough negotation.


You will need a Contract for Sale of Land in order to advertise your property. That’s where our expertise and experience comes in.

We will:

  1. Order all the relevant searches and dealings to ensure that the Contract complies with current Legislation and Regulations
  2. Prepare additional Special Conditions to suit your specific situation, such as a rent back period or giving you flexibility in relation to the settlement period
  3. Assist you with replying to all questions raised by the purchaser
  4. Liaise with your Lender and ensure that the discharge of mortgage is certified in time for settlement
  5. If your property is tenanted, we will liaise with your managing agent and ensure that you receive your portion of the rent
  6. Arrange settlement and ensure the full balance of the sale proceeds are drawn as you require and deposited into your nominated account

We offer competitive rates and can refer you to a local real estate agent to assist you through the selling process.


AI Legal will guide you through each process involved in purchasing a property to ensure a smooth and hassle free transaction.

We work with market leading professionals, who will strive to achieve the best result for you. We can refer you to a mortgage broker, a tax consultant and a financial planner to help achieve your goals.

We will:

  1. Obtain Building and Pest Inspection reports at competitive rates to ensure that you are made fully aware of any structural defects and pest infestation
  2. Review the Contract for Sale, provide written advice and ensure that your rights are protected and you are aware of your obligations
  3. Request changes to the Contract to suit your specific situation (e.g. extend the settlement period)
  4. Advise on the advantages and disadvantages on exchanging Contracts with and without a cooling off period
  5. Liaise with your mortgagee and provide contractual documentation to certify your loan for settlement
  6. Obtain additional statutory searches to determine whether the property is affected by any proposals of Local or State Government Authorities
  7. Ensure that your stamp duty is paid on time in order to avoid paying penalties
  8. Advise you on the eligibility of stamp duty exemption/concession and apply for the First Home Owners Grant
  9. Attend settlement and the release of the keys to finalise your purchase

If you have any questions or would like more information, please don’t hesitate to contact our team on 02 9676 2664 or send us an email on or

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